About American Biocare

Something About Us

American Biocare is an integrated, quality pharmaceutical company, producing a wide range of quality, affordable medicines trusted by healthcare professionals and patients all over. We are committed to manufacture medicines to improve the health and quality of life of patients.

American Biocare strives for quality excellence in the interest of patient care and for a healthy world to widen the horizons with the supply of quality with a commitment to excellence. To create a wave in the market through better technology, high quality products, outstanding service & retaining qualified professional as they are the driving force for growth. The possibilities are being explored for the international partners.

Introducing new products, improving the quality of existing products and maintaining high standards of quality in the field are main objectives. American Biocare always pursues the best product quality and values our customer service.

Exploring latest dimensions and scaling new stature, we aspire to create long lasting worth for our esteemed clients. Through constant progress and innovation, we are rendering our growth strategy so as to expand enhanced profitability.

We constantly challenge ourselves to be a step ahead in terms of quality and personalized service. Company believes in QUALITY PRODUCT, Control price, prompt communication, commitment and quick delivery. The sincere support of our clients, our team, prudent mentors, high-end technical experts and lastly all office staffs have given “American Biocare” its much deserved recognition.

Quality Control

Quality control is our AIM. From the selection of raw material to the stage to final packaging stringent quality control at every point is being maintained.

Skilled & experienced pharmacists supervised the quality of drugs at American Biocare. As per different pharmacopeias standards, drugs are being analyzed and tested at various stages. At regular intervals, the performance of research laboratory equipments is measured & methods are validated as per the reference specifications. Quality control and Quality assurance are obligation that overrules all other concerns.

We arrange separate quality assurance unit which is armed with advanced analytic devices and expert team who assure standards quality of products. To supply the quality end products our qualified team regularly analyses and validates every single stage of production. No compromises are made on the worth and stability of our products. We diligently maintain quality into our drugs. The norms of drugs are controlled by superior quality control labs. AMERICAN BIOCARE IS AN ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY.

Our Vision

To serve humanity constantly with quality drugs.

To facilitate comprehensive range of drugs and healthcare solutions through various innovative ways.

Drive vision to alleviate suffering

To dedicated complete customer care.

To lead in producing generic and restorative healthcare drugs

To develop new product lines which will enhance the treatment options

Our Motto

Our motto is to serve ailing humanity. We are engage in providing destitute with reasonable and affordable drugs and healthcare related solutions. We manage to execute operation without causing any harm to atmosphere. American Biocare as a pharmaceutical company has always retained strong ethical obligation. We are dedicated in serving our clients at home and abroad with quality drugs. Our team work for healing humanity with quality medication for longer, healthier and more expressive lives at a viable rate.

Our Missions

We aim to grow into globally recognized inclusive pharmaceutical company. We would endeavor to production of quality drug at very viable & reasonable charges.

  • Our mission is to lead Company in our field of activity, service and excellence through continuous quality measure.
  • We work for quenching worldwide requirements related to healthcare. To assure persistent growth, we constantly consider our customer's requirements and apply cutting edge skill to impart them innovative solutions.
  • Our team mark seamless supply of products & services of International Standards

Company Philosophy

We believe our prime responsibility is to well-being the customers who use our products and services. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality. We must constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable prices. Customer orders are executed promptly and accurately. Our suppliers and distributors get an opportunity to make a fair profit.

We follow the philosophy to supply products and service of premier quality and of highest benefit for our clients. We strive to satisfy consumers with everlasting belief in our service package. Our philosophy states the company's objective to contribute to the health and fitness of persons around the world through the delivery of reliable and effective medicines.

Business Opportunity

Our prime focus is to extend our portfolio by entering new markets around the world and exploring new business opportunities. To comply with the international standards we have continuously upgraded our existing facility and the technology that allow as to compete in the feisty market place. As part of our business expansion process which prompt us to explore new markets around the world and look for agents/distributors/importers and exporters with whom we can have long term business relationship and built our presence in their country with mutual beneficial business arrangement. If we share common interest then there is an opportunity waiting for us, only you have to let us know when to start. Also you are free to contact us any sort of inquiries you may have. We have been involved in pharmaceutical trade SINCE 1956. The name of our organization is your confidence for quality products, instantaneous packing, expeditious shipping –all at most competitive prices. Your valued confidence in us would be relected in your feedback and in availing the opportunity you might have been looking for. We are keen to have more and more business contacts. Let us join hands for healthy and prosperous future.